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Project Description
Annoying to find which folders takes a lot of your drive space. It quickly show you the real size of folders on your disk.


  • Objective: Keep it fast and portable
  • With and without installer
  • Can run on 32bit and 64bit operating system
  • Show the disk usage and the file size
  • Take care of compressed files
  • Using model view viewmodel with data layer implemented directly in the viewmodel.
  • The software uses parallel technology added in Framework.Net 4.
  • Can handle long file name: bypass the PathTooLongException trouble in Windows and Framework.Net.
  • Languages: english, français, deutsch, svenska, italiano (not finished), فارسى, right-to-left languages.

The future
  • Add other languages
  • Add pie graphing without affecting parsing performance
  • Have better contextual commands
  • Add other user needs

For developers

Thanks to
  • danielj23
  • dhavalcharadva
  • kyoka
  • MikaelDB
  • mrramazani
  • giusepanzuto (italian)
  • rfs02
  • valafar (spanish)
  • nicolastarzia (portuguese)

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